Arsenal FC Now Greatest FA Cup Winners in History

Published June 3, 2015

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Aston Villa v Arsenal 2015 FA Cup Final

As the flagship domestic cup game of the year is just around the corner, the excitement across London and Birmingham is growing all the time. Arsenal, the holders of the FA Cup, will be taking on an Aston Villa side who have not been able to lift the trophy for nearly 60 years, having last won it all the way back in the 1956-57 season.

Both sides go into them on differing paths, too, and there is a huge amount if intrigue around the place with regards to how the FA Cup Final is going to play out.

Arsenal finished the league season with a resounding 4-0 win at home, whilst Villa lost at home. Villa have also been “on the beach” for a couple of weeks since they both made the final and were declared safe from relegation.

The problem, then, stems from the fact that they have lost 6-1 and 1-0 in their last two games, and aren’t exactly going into the Final with the bit between their teeth and the belief that they could dethrone the reigning FA Cup winners.

Whilst Arsenal have had a strong season, they do still have a little question mark over their ability to do it on the big time. Much like last year, though, they will be a clear favorite in the final and should be the aggressors, controlling the game and putting Villa on the backfoot.

It’s something that most fans expect to see, with Arsenal having the lion’s share of the ball and the chances with Villa hoping to keep it tight, ride their luck, and get in behind when they can.

The one thing you need to say about this game, though, is that there should be goals. Arsenal doesn’t really know any other way other than to attack, and Villa are only at their best when they can do the same. Therefore, both teams are forward thinking and this should create a relatively strong match-up along the way.

It will make things a bit more interesting from the perspective of the neutral, too, as there will be plenty of high octane passing and pressing going on across the pitch. Arsenal holds the upper hand in terms of the head-to-head record against each other recently, with their only loss coming at the start of the 13-14 season. Other than that, Arsenal are unbeaten in 5 of the last 6 encounters together with only a draw in 2012 breaking the mold. For that reason alone, it’s easy to see Arsenal being able to get the win here.

Add in the fact that Tim Sherwood is the manager, and whilst he seems to be a passionate and caring man he’s not exactly a tactical guru, is he? Wenger, however, has always been known for his high understanding of the tactical side of football and this could be a key factor in the game.

Unless Sherwood can pull something different out of the magic box, it’s likely that Arsenal will be able to take complete control of the match.

Villa aren’t a poor side by any means, but Arsenal have been relatively accomplished all season and will most likely be able to show their quality on the ball. However, given their defensive style and the way that Arsenal pass the ball it would not be a tremendous shock to see the pace of Agbonlahor and the power of Benteke cause the Arsenal center-halves a few problems. They aren’t the fastest, and playing high up the pitch has a tendency to leave the Gunners slightly exposed.

We expect to see a relatively strong Arsenal win on the day, with Villa failing to really make a stamp on the game in terms of chances. The only way Arsenal will lose this one, in our opinion, is through shooting themselves in the foot; the gulf in consistency and class is just too much.


Posted By: karl
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