Best Fan Football Blog sites of 2015 – Part 2

Published May 22, 2015

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This is the second part of our top fan sites of 2015. In part 1 we focused on 5 of the best, honest and most opinionated sites out there. Here are our other 5.

Anfield HQ

Winner of the 2014 Football Blogging Awards ‘Best New Blog’, AnfieldHQ has made quite an impact on the football blogging landscape.  Only started in May of 2014, Ollie Bond and his contributors have created a large following in short a short amount of time.

screenshot-www anfieldhq com 2015-05-22 10-58-22

Rather than having a large variety of categories like some of the other blogs looked at in this article, it focuses on match reviews and previews, transfer news, and information about the Liverpool team. All these are written by the sites writers. However, a nice addition to the site is that it does have a large selection of fan articles.  These articles make an interesting read that don’t try and fawn over the team or the players (see Steven Gerrard: The Elephant in the Room) .

There are also regular podcasts that enhance the websites output.

Site output

  • Huge amount of fan written articles
  • Match reports
  • HQ Transfer Updates
  • Interactive Polls
  • Videos and Pictures

The Fighting Cock

The Fighting Cock is a passionate Tottenham Hotpsur blog that encompasses digital and print output.  There is a print fanzine of the same name and along with the website, it has been a growing force amongst the Spurs support.  The increasing swell amongst knowledgeable football fans of fighting the happy clappy, Sky movement of modern day football is given a voice here.

screenshot-www thefightingcock co uk 2015-05-22 11-19-55

Unlike many of the other blogs reviewed so far in this article, The Fighting Cock doesn’t have lots of different categories to choose from or a load of archives for you to search through, however, this isn’t a bad thing in this case. Instead of focusing on having all these other features, instead it concentrates all its time on creating very passionate, creative, well written and relevant articles.  As with all the best blogs out there, it is the creativity and honesty that sets it apart.

As well as written articles, The Fighting Cock has a podcast with new episode being added frequently.

The design of the blog is one of the best out of all the ones reviewed. It is clean, very modern, and laid out perfectly.

Chelsea Daft

Chelsea Daft is a fans blog for Chelsea supporters. It is fairly new as it was only created in March 2009. It was created by one man who had a huge passion for Chelsea and has now become extremely popular with over 16 million views since it first was created and averages 500,000 each month. Its updates are also followed by over 19,000 Twitter followers and over 5,000 fans on Facebook.

screenshot-www chelseadaft org 2015-05-22 11-21-53

The blog mainly categorises things based on competition, so for example there is a section on Champions league, FA Cup, League Cup, and Premier League. It also has the other usual sections including news on the Academy, transfer rumours, and also a dedicated section to their manager Jose. There is also over 25 pages of videos to keep Chelsea fans occupied for more than a while.

As mentioned previously, the blog has multiple social media platforms and they are all fed into the site on most of the pages.

As the stats show, this site is very popular amongst Chelsea fans and with great content and a sleek design, you can see why.

The Peoples Person

The Peoples Person is a dedicated Man United news blog. Founded in April 2011, it is a fairly new blog in comparison to some of the other Man Utd blogs out there.

screenshot-thepeoplesperson com 2015-05-22 11-31-44

Every day numerous articles are being released on the site and it is generally a very active blog. The creators/writers also state that they will continually roll out new features on a regular basis.

Their team of writers cover all aspects of Manchester United from the latest transfer news, first team match reports, and even all the way down to the latest news about the academy teams.

It also has a decent amount of video content on their and also an e-mailer for you to sign up to, to ensure you always get the latest Man Utd news direct to your email inbox.

The Celtic Blog

Any Celtic fan should really do themselves a favour and have a read of this great Celtic blog. Not only does it give you the latest Celtic news, but also has full match reports, a great list of articles and features and even an opinion and rants section.

screenshot-thecelticblog com 2015-05-22 11-42-05

Another nice feature of this site is Celtic FC section which has pages on everything you need to know about Celtic. These include:

  • Background of Celtic FC
  • Fixtures
  • Honours
  • Players and Staff
  • Tables


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