FC Juventus vs FC Barcelona 2015 CL Final in Berlin

Published June 5, 2015

Published In: Football News

FC Juventus v FC Barcelona  – A Clash of Legends

No matter who you speak to, everyone has a favorite for the final. The Blaugrana, or the Bianconeri? The biggest club in Spain, or the biggest club in Italy? It can be hard to decide who we want to see walk away with the final this year as both clubs are truly historic, unique institutions that have played a key role in football development in their respective nations for many years. The fact that this is the first Juventus side to reach this position since 2003, and the first Juventus side to make a lasting impression on Europe since the scandal of the mid 2000s, means that many people are rooting for Juventus here.

By the same token, though, Barcelona look back to their terrifying best and Lionel Messi has formed part of the most exciting attacking trident in arguably all of footballing history.

The club has been growing and strengthening over the season after a slow start, and now as they reach the Champions League final once again (their 4th since 2006) they look the out-and-out favorites for the final. Add in the drama of the likes of Buffon, Pirlo and Xavi – all genuine legends of the game – taking part (some of them for the final time) and we’ve got without a doubt the most intriguing European Cup final that we’ve had in a long, long time.

This incredibly fitting finale to the season looks set to have everything that we could possibly need to have a truly remarkable end to the season. But what can we expect to see from both clubs on the day? Is there anything in particular that we should be expecting to see throughout the event?

A Passing Masterclass

Both sides come into this game with absolutely midfields, and with some of the finest passers of the last few decades on the pitch. Xavi, Iniesta and Pirlo alone are three of the most iconic midfield names ever to take part in football and this alone will create an absolutely mouthwatering clash between some of the most prominent footballers on the planet.

You can expect to see a game where both sides rarely give away possession once they have – Juventus, however, arguably have more “drive” in their midfield. Whilst Ivan Rakitic has made a telling impression in the midfield for Barcelona and can offer that same drive, the likes of Arturo Vidal and Claudio Marchisio are Duracell bunnies who can make a telling impression on any game of football.

If, like myself, you enjoy the midfield battle more than anything else this will be an absolutely mouthwatering contest to take in.

A Strong Juventus

Juventus come into this game on an unbeaten run of 9 games within the Champions League; this is hugely impressive and will give them great confidence in putting themselves in a good position to go out and win this. Whilst Barcelona have ripped apart the likes of Bayern in recent times (and recently just dismantled Bilbao) Bayern were more than happy to go out and try to attack and control the game.

Bilbao, meanwhile, were just not good enough to make the difference. Juventus have the defensive solidity and the power to get through the game, but they also have the attacking intent to get forward and hurt Barca as the game goes on. The longer they can keep the score at 0-0, the more confident they will feel of making it 10 games unbeaten.

Outscoring Barca

With 120 goals between the front three alone, you would be delusional to think that you could outscore Barcelona. They come with so much quality in varying positions and are capable of scoring from any angle, and any style of play. Juventus have come nowhere near the total of the Barca front three, nevermind the rest of their side, so it would be outrageous to believe that outscoring Barcelona will be possible.

For a Juventus win, it would be best to try and plan on keeping it like a boxing match; plenty of slugging and avoiding the big hits until later on in the right. Try and tire out the Catalans, and see where they can go from there.

Our Verdict; As much as we like both clubs, it has to be a Barcelona win that we see. Juventus have that whole “destiny” feel about them, but Barcelona is just ruthless. They’ve dismantled all opposition this year and whilst Juventus are a fine side they aren’t likely to be able to withstand 90-120 minutes of this Barca side.

We’re calling a steady Barcelona win; it won’t be easy, but we don’t see Juventus ever really looking like they could win the thing on the day unfortunately. Can’t both clubs just have a European Cup for the season?


Posted By: karl
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