Our Top 3 Most Infamous Football Pitch Invasions

Published March 12, 2015

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Aston Villa beat West Brom 2-1 this weekend in the Quarter Final of the FA Cup, booking themselves a place in the semi-finals at Wembley next month.

Unfortunately before the end of the game, some Villa fans found the excitement too much to handle and decided to invade the pitch from one of the corners of the stadium. By doing this they took out one of the corner flags before making their way into the middle of the pitch to try to get to the Villa players to “congratulate” them.

With the game not finished, the referee or FA board could have cancelled or suspended the match, meaning all the hard work from the players and management would be worthless. Luckily after a minute or two the pitch was cleared of fans and the game got back underway.

The majority watching at home on TV, or in the stands, could probably guess what was going to happen when the final whistle was blew; a sea of Villa fans crowded onto the pitch, before the players had chance to leave down the tunnel.

Fabian Delph was one of the players that got caught up right in the middle of the fans and stated that fans took his arm band, tried to take his boot, and a one even went to kiss him but accidently bit him.

Villa will no doubt be paying a hefty fine for the pitch invasion and will enforce new measures to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Pitch invasions are not as common as they used to be but they still do happen from time to time.

Let’s take a look at some of the most (in)famous pitch invasions in previous years.

England VS Scotland, 1977

This is probably the most famous pitch invasion to occur at a football match. Scotland travelled to Wembley to play England for the British Home Championship. 98,103 fans watched a thrilling game which Scotland ended up winning 2-1.

As the final whistle was blown, the green grass started turning tartan as a wave of Scottish fans invaded the pitch. Tens of thousands of fans crammed themselves onto the pitch, with many of them taking a bit of the pitch home with them for safe keeping. One fan even decided to take the cross bar home with him. And even to this day, a few fans brag of their little bit of garden that will always be Wembley.

Manchester City VS West Ham United, 2014

At the end of the 2014 season, Manchester City only had to beat West Ham to secure their second Premier League trophy, which they succeeded in doing winning 2-0.
As soon as the final whistle was blown, a mass of blue covered the pitch. Joe hart was one of the City players in the thick of it as fans gathered in the centre of the pitch to congratulate the players.

Fans let off sky blue flares whilst on the pitch and donned their team’s colour and flags. The pitch invasion seemed to go on forever as there was no let-up of new fans entering the pitch even a while after the initial invasion.

Out of all the pitch invasions mentioned in this article, this seemed to be the safest as the fans were just excited about winning the league and seemed to have no bad intentions towards the West Ham fans or players.

Birmingham City VS Aston Villa, 2010

Villa appear for the second time in this article, however, it was Birmingham City fans who started the pitch invasion in this instance. The game was a Carling Cup match played at St. Andrews in 2010.

As it wasn’t a final, or even a game which would lead the winning team to Wembley, not many people expected a pitch invasion. At most it was expected there would be some disruption between a few of the fans as it was a derby, but nothing like what happened after the final whistle.

With Villa winning the derby away from home, and therefore knocking Birmingham City out of the League Cup the fans were not happy. After the game Blues fans invaded the pitch with the sole intention of intimidating and hurting opposition supporters. Flares were fired into the stand, and objects were thrown. In retaliation, Villa fans threw the flares back onto the pitch along with chairs that they had ripped out of the stadium.

All the Villa fans were kept in the away stand and weren’t allowed to leave for what seemed like nearly half hour after the game had finished. During this time they had to endure the tirade of objects, abuse and chanting from home fans on the pitch.

There may not have been as many fans on the pitch during this pitch invasion compared to the others in this article, but it was definitely the most volatile and hostile pitch invasion out of all of the ones that have been mentioned.


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