Top 5 divers in recent football times

Published December 19, 2014

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Unfortunately diving occurs quite often in football and is increasingly becoming more of a problem in today’s football and new measures from the football governing associations are trying hard to stamp it out.

Although it looks increasingly common that players will dive at least once in their career, these can be forgiven for a momentary lapse of judgement. Our list here is focusing on serial offenders who cannot who just can’t help themselves, and as our examples show, they don’t do a very good job of masking their dives.

So we will start out countdown at number five.

Number 5 – Gareth Bale

Before Bale moved to Real Madrid, he started to gain a reputation at Spurs for being a diver. This example against Aston Villa in October 2012 shows one of his most blatant.

It wasn’t a one off unfortunately, and this example against Sunderland in May 2013 shows him at his worst.

Stats also show that whilst playing in the Premier League he was at one point booked for simulation more times than any other player in the league.

We were hoping a move to Real Madrid might make him see the error of his ways and concentrate more on his football skills than his acting skills, however this hope was misplaced. In the below video, we have yet another example of his diving antics, this time in a match against Sevilla.

There is no doubt that Bale is a talented player, it’s a shame he lets himself down by diving which have earned him a reputation I am sure he doesn’t want.

Number 4 – Cristiano Ronaldo

I think many will agree that Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best footballers in the world, if not the best.

However aside from wide regarded as being one of the best players to ever play football, he has got a reputation for being a diver. Unfortunately no matter how many goals he scores or how many trophies he wins, he will always have that label of a player who goes down too easily when getting tackled.

One of his most famous dives was in 2008 when Man Utd hosted Chelsea. The look on Frank Lampard’s face says it all.

Again, like Bale, moving to another team in another country didn’t cut out his need to dive, as the below video shows him diving whilst playing for Real Madrid vs Celta Vigo, trying to win a penalty.

Number 3 – Luis Suárez

Like others on this list, there is no doubting Suarez’s amazing footballing talent, but it always seems to be over shadowed by his crazy antiques whilst playing football.
Although his most infamous offence is his biting, we will not be discussing that as it is not the focus of this article, however it is worth noting that’s not the only controversial action that he has got a reputation for.

Four years ago, he celebrated his on-the-line handball whilst playing against Ghana in the quarter finals of the World Cup. Not only did he stop Ghana getting through to the Semi-finals, it also would have been the first time any African country had made it to the semi-finals, which made, not only African fans, but also neutral fans have a vendetta against him.
Unfortunately his cheating didn’t stop there as when he signed for Liverpool, he became renowned for his diving.

The below video shows his diving at its “best” against Stoke in October 2012.

What makes the dive worse was that at the time he denied diving, but then in January 2013, he later admitted to diving.

His diving is not limited to club football either,, the below video shows him taking a fall whilst playing for Uruguay in a World Cup qualification match against Argentina.

Number 2 – Arjen Robben

The Dutch winger has something of a track record for diving, but unlike the previous people on the list, it’s not just the fans that have something to say about his antiques.

After Spurs lost 2-0 to Robben’s club at the time, Chelsea, the Spurs defender Noé Pamarot said “He is a great player, but he was diving all the time”

Arsène Wenger also said “Robben is a great player and as well a very good diver” after Arsenal’s 1-1 Champions League draw at Bayern Munich.

His latest controversial dive was during this summer’s World Cup by earning a penalty in injury time which ultimately won Holland their last 16 match against Mexico.

This, however, was not the first time he had caused controversy in a world cup for diving. In the previous World Cup he dived over a sliding Michel Bastos, which won Holland a free kick that they then scored from to equalise against Brazil 1-1. Holland then won this game 2-1 to get through to the semi-finals.

Below demonstrates just how much the Dutchman likes to dive with a compilation video of some of his best acting skills.

Number 1 – Ashley Young

The ex-Villa player, and current Man United player, gets our number one spot for the biggest diver in recent football times, because in all honesty, it seems like he has a serious problem when it comes to diving.

One example of this is when he was playing against Man City and he blatantly jumps over James Milner’s legs before falling onto the floor to try and claim a foul.

Another example was when Man United played his old team Aston Villa. He went down as if he had been shot by a sniper in the crowd, it was that dramatic.

He is known to leave a trailing leg whenever people get close to tackling him, and then pummelling himself to the floor even if the opposition player gets nowhere near him.

Rather than being known for his pace, his skills, and his great goals, he is more commonly known for his diving, arguably more than anyone else on this list.

We have included another (extensive) compilation for you, which includes a football fan going into detail about Ashley Young’s top 5 best, or should we say worst, dives.


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