Top 5 Goal Celebrations

Published March 16, 2015

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Footage has emerged of Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney having a boxing sparring session with former United player Phil Bardsley in Rooney’s mansion.The video was believed to have been recorded the day after Man Utd lost to Swansea in February.

The two footballers start by exchanging light blows and circling each other. However, Rooney takes one hit too many, as Phil catches him off guard and knocks him flat to the floor. Rooney lays motionless on the kitchen floor and the video ends.

Phil’s wife Tanya has stated that it was all one big joke and that Rooney jumped straight back up after the video ended and both he and Phil laughed about it.

The video went viral and last week after Rooney scored against Spurs he celebrated his goal by boxing and then pretending to get knocked out.

So in this article we will take a look back at some other memorable goal celebrations.

Robbie Fowler (VS Everton)

Prior to the Merseyside derby in 1999, rival Liverpool fans had accused Fowler of drug abuse. So during the game after Robbie Fowler had scored, he celebrated by running over to the touchline, kneeling down, and pretending to snort it as if it were a line of coke.

Fowler was fined £60,000 by Liverpool for his controversial celebration.

Jimmy Bullard (VS Manchester City)

In 2009, former Hull Manager Phil Brown sat all his team on the floor in front of all the fans and told them all off like little school children for being 5 goals down at half time.
When Hull played city again later on in the season, Jimmy Bullard scored to equalise for Hull and So being the funny man he is, replicated the telling off that Brown had done previously, poking fun at his former manager.

Peter Crouch robot

Peter Crouches famous robot dance celebration may not be the best goal celebration, but it seems to be one of the most famous in recent times.
He first performed the dance after he scored for England against Hungary on 30th May 2006. He then did the dance celebration twice after scoring two goals against Jamaica on 3rd June of the same year.

On 6th August 2007 Peter Crouch stated that he would never be doing the robot dance goal celebration again unless he in the UEFA Champions League Final.

Mario Balotelli (VS Manchester United)

In 2011 Man City’s Mario Balotelli had been appearing repeated in the newspaper headlines, on both the front and back pages and unfortunately for him, it was often for the wrong reasons, such as setting fire to his home by letting off fireworks in his bathroom.

So during the Manchester Derby that same year, after he broke the deadlock and scored in the 22nd minute, he lifted his shirt up to reveal a shirt saying ‘Why always me’, presumably a dig at the media and anyone else trying to always make him look bad.

Man City went on to win that game as they thrashed Man U 6-1 at the Theatre of Dreams.

Stjarnan FC

Icelandic football team Stjarnan FC also get a mention in our most memorable celebrations, as although they may not be as well-known as any of the other teams mention, we personally think this Is one of, if not the best, football celebration we have ever seen.

In July 2010 Stjarnan FC scored a winning goal against Fylkir. To celebrate, the whole team took part in a choreographed display to mimic the team fishing and catching the fish.
During the display, forward Halldor Orri Bjornsson cast a pretend fishing rod and then ‘reeled’ in his team-mate.

The player acting as the fish even went as far as doing convulsions as he was placed on dry land. He was then picked up by a few other players of the team and displayed to the crowd.

Another player of the team then pretended to take a photo to remember the fish they caught.


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