Worst Premier League Managers

Published May 17, 2014

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One question that was on most people’s minds as the Premier League season draws to a close was the future of Sir Alex Ferguson’s successor. David Moyes was appointed the new Manchester United Manager but could only last 11 months at the club until he was sacked from the club on Tuesday 22nd April. On the topic of Managers we have decided to look at the some of the worst managers that have managed clubs in the premier league.

Jacques Santini (Tottenham Hotspurs)

Not many people have heard of Jacques Santini, the former Spurs manager only lasted a total of five months at the club before being replaced by his assistant manager. Before moving to Tottenham Hotspur, the French manager was very successful at his former club Lyon, but couldn’t shed any light at Spurs.

Steve Kean (Blackburn Rovers)

Steve Kean didn’t get on the right side of Blackburn Rovers fans as he couldn’t save the club from relegation from the Premier League. Despite all the fans pushing and pushing to get rid of the Scottish manager, the club carried on with Steve Kean but later on gave him the boot as his poor performances continued. Steve Kean managed to get thirty defeats out of sixty games.

Avram Grant (Chelsea, Portsmouth, West Ham United)

Despite guiding Chelsea to a Champions League final and Portsmouth to an FA Cup final, Avram Grant makes the list as he managed to relegate two clubs from the premier league. One main highlight people will remember will be the final game of the season for West Ham United. Avram Grant knew that a victory will keep his side in the premier league however a loss will send them down, and despite being two goals up in their final game, the team somehow managed to mess up and loose three goals to two and suffer relegation.

Steve Wigley (Southampton)

Fans of Southampton were very confused in the decision to appoint Steve Wigley as their new manager in 2004 as his only experience in managing a club was a three year spell at non-league club Aldershot Town. Wigley only lasted fourteen games with the club before the Southampton board realising their mistake. You know it’s not meant to be when you can only win one game as manager.

Juande Ramos (Tottenham Hotspurs)

The second Tottenham Hotspurs manager in the list is Juande Ramos. Spurs worst start in the premier to date was when he was in charge only picking up two points from a possible twenty four. This means that for the first eight games of the season, Tottenham Hotspurs didn’t win a single game. The only good that came from Juande Ramos was clinching the League cup in 2008 against Chelsea.

Terry Connor (Wolverhampton Wanders)

Terry Connor’s management record will lie as one of the worst, but to be honest he did have a hard job to do. Taking over from assistant manager in 2012, Terry Connor was appointed the manager of Wolverhampton Wanders to try and keep them in the premier league. But his lack of managerial experience saw Terry fail to win a single game. The season he took over was the season the club went down to the Championship.

Iain Dowie (Crystal Palace, Charlton, Hull City)

Iain Dowie is the final manager who is considered to be the worst manager to have been in the premier league. Dowie had three opportunities to keep sides in the premier league but failed on all three attempts. Firstly he was the manager of Crystal Palace, who wouldn’t keep in the premier league under Iain Dowie. He later had the management job at Charlton, despite being given extensive funds by the club he still managed to get the side relegated. Finally Dowie was manager at Hull City. He was brought in to keep the side in top tier football but found relegation for the club.


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